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Alexis Sanchez Once Lost His Phone and Car Keys… So Ran Five Miles To Get Home

An Italian journalist has revealed that when Alexis Sanchez played for Udinese, he accidentally locked his keys in his car… and decided to jog the five miles home.

Speaking exclusively to, Pietro Oleotto revealed that Sanchez was “skinny and stayed on the right wing a lot” during his first season it Italy

However, the United forward soon made it a priority to improve physicaly, which involved intense two-hour gym sessions after training.

Sanchez has bulked his physique up significantly since he started at Udinese at 2008. Images: PA

And one story which epitomised Sanchez’s ambition, was his reaction to locking both his keys and his mobile phone inside his car during a shopping trip

Oleotto claims that instead of contacting a friend or using public transport, the ex-Arsenal man ran all the way home in his Udinese tracksuit.

“Once, after training, Alexis drove into Udine to do some shopping. But he accidentally locked his keys and mobile phone in his car.

“I’m not sure what most people would have done, but he just ran home.

Oleotto added, “He jogged the 8km from the heart of the city to his house in the hills.

“Bemused locals saw him in his club tracksuit running and called us at the paper.

“It was typical of Alexis to turn the situation into an improvised cross-country run.”

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